891. Which was a major reason for the creation of the separate nations of India and Pakistan in 1947?
A.India was economically dependent on Great Britain, while Pakistan was economically self-sufficient.
B.The two nations favored vastly different forms of government.
C.The religious and cultural patterns of the two areas were in serious conflict.
D.Natural geographic features of the Indian subcontinent divided the two areas

892. The concept of popular Sovereignty was first given by __________

A.Jean Bodin
C. Rousseau

893. In international Relations, a global system containing two dominant powers is labeled with which of the terms?

A. Bipolar
B. Nationalist
D.None of these

894. 3 May is observed internationally as:

A. Environment Day
B. Population Day
C. Press Freedom Day
D. None of these

895. __________ is suitable for welfare state.

A. Monarchy
B. Democracy
C. Communism
D. Aristocracy

896. About which of the following thinkers it has been said that his theory of the State is “an incongruous mixture of natural rights and physiological metaphor”?

C.Johann Caspar Bluntschli

897. ——— is the author of History of The Peloponnesian War.


898. U Thant was:

A.The Prime Minister of Laos
B.President of Taiwan
C.Secretary General of the United Nations.
D.None of these.

899. How does domestic terrorism differ from state-sponsored terrorism?
A.Domestic terrorism is sponsored by another government.
B.State-sponsored terrorism is only used against military targets.
C.Domestic terrorism is only used against military targets.
D.Domestic terrorism has no ties to other governments.

900. Preemptive Strike Doctrine confers upon states the:
A.Right to attack any potential threat to its security.
B.Right to attack when they are actually attacked
C.The responsibility to intervene in the domestic affairs of other states for humanitarian protection
D.Duty to respond to the calls of UN.