521.The sustainable development goals (SDGs) will replace the MDGs next year. How many proposed SDGs are there?
A. 37
B. 27
C. 17
D. 7

522. Which one of the following goals is not the goal included in the Millennium Development Goal of United Nations?
A. To halve the people of the world living with hunger
B. To halve the proportion of the world’s people living below $ 2.5
C. To halve the proportion of the world’s people without access to safe drinking water
D. To achieve gender equality in access to education

523.The programme ‘United Nations Millennium Development Goals’ is focusing on
A. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
B. Achieve universal primary education
C. Promote gender equality and empower women

524.According to MDG report, what is the percentage of extreme poverty in Pakistan in 2010/11?
A. 49.4%
B. 24.7%
C. 12.04%
D. 25.6%

525.According to MDG report, what is the criteria for extreme poverty?
A. less than $ 1 a day
B. $ 1 a day
C. less than $ 1.50
D. less than $ 1.25

526.What is the deadline to achieve MDG?
A. 2020
B. 2040
C. 2025
D. 2015

527.Which was the venue for millennium summit?
A. Paris
B. New York
C. London
D. Rio De Janeiro

528.Who was UN secretary- general during declaration of MDG?
A. Kurt Waldheim
B. Ban Ki Moon
C. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
D. Kofi Annan

529. Which Report provided the basis of the goals in the area of peace and security?
A. Samir Nasibi report
B. Nabil Elaraby report
C. Kofi Annan report
D. Brahimi Report

530. Which of the following areas are emphasized by MDG?
A. human capital
B. infrastructure
C. human rights
D. all