1141. The treaty of westphalia established modern nation states system in :

A. 1684
B. 1648 *
C. 1664
D. None of these

1142. The treaty of versailles concluded in :

A. 1918
B. 1919 *
C. 1920
D. None of these

1143. The treaty of versailles settled peace in :

A. Europe *
B. Middle east
C. Africa
D. None of these

1144. Which one of the following is least relevant to the welfare view of function of the state ?

A reasonable level of economic and social equality
B the preponderance of group interests over individual priorities *
C. Policies conductive to equality of opportunity
D. Keeping areas of contention to a minimum in order to maximize reconciliation

1145. International relations during 1648-1945 were characterized by :

A. Bi-polar system
B. Multi-polar system *
C. Uni-polar system
D. none of these

1146. Which one of the following is the correct statement ? totalitarian state is the one which:

A. Requires complete submission to the ruler’s authority
B. Prevents an individual from realizing his or her full potential
C. Makes the claim that it controls every aspect of an individual’s life and activities *
D. Because it is a natural organism, it has its own will to live a happy life

1147. Theory and practice of international relation is written by :

A. Padelford and lincoln
B. Palmer and Perkins *
C. Hans Joachim Morgenthau
D. None of these

1148. Which one of the following is the correct statement in the pluralist theory :

A. The state is one among several associations *
B. The state is the sovereign association
C. The state is subordinate to other associations
D. The state includes the whole society

1149. Emmanuel Kant and John Locke provides the Philosophical basis for :

A. Realism
B. Liberalism *
C. Post Modernism
D. None of them

1150. The subordination of the individual to the state is an essential feature of which one of the following ?

A. Socialist Doctrine
B. Feudal Doctrine
C. Conservative Doctrine
D. Fascist Doctrine *