311. The Industrial revolution started from ________
A. England
C. China
D. France

312. The people who supported terrorism and wanted the create anarchism in Russia were called________
A. Nazi
B. Nihilist
C. Fascist
D. Communist

313. ________issue is a vital issue in India – Pak relations.
A. Kashmir
B. Nepal
C. China
D. Sri Lanka

314. SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located at
A. Delhi
B. Colombo
C. Karachi
D. None of these

315. What is Pakistan’s rank in the recently released World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) 2015?
A. 154
B. 139
C. 159
D. 157

316. Which among the following country in South Asia has highest GDP per capita (current prices)?
A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Sri Lanka
D. Maldives

317. Diamer-Bhasha Dam has been planned on the river:
A. Jhelum
B. Chenab
C. Indus
D. None of these

318. What was Pakistan’s rank in the recently released report of the global anti-money laundering body Financial Action Task Force (FATF) pertaining to progress in combating money laundering in the world?
A. 7
B. 19
C. 36
D. None of these

319. China has gifted which most powerful ultra-modern anti-tank helicopters to Pakistan?
A. AH-64 Apache
B. Mi-28 Havoc
C. Z-10
D. Z-9

320. The South Asian Association for regional cooperation (SAARC) Standing Committee had agreed in principle to grant an observer status to:
A. China and Japan
B. Britain and France
C. US and South Korea
D. None of these