571.Trade between countries:
A. determines prices of products in different countries
B. decreases competition between countries
C. makes a country dependent on the other
D. None of these

572.Globalisation by connecting countries leads to:
A. lesser competition among producers
B. greater competition among producers
C. no competition between producers
D. None of these

573.Which out of the following is an example of a trade barrier?
A. Foreign investment
B. Delay or damage of goods
C. Tax on imports
D. None of these

574.Removing barriers or restrictions set by the government is called:
A. Liberalization
B. Investment
C. Favorable trade
D. Free trade

575.WTO aims at:
A. Establishing rules for domestic trade
B. Restricting trade practices
C. Liberalizing international trade
D. None of these

576.Globalisation has created new opportunities of:
A. Employment
B. Emerging multinationals
C. Providing services
D. All of the above

577.Globalisation has posed major challenges for:
A. Big producers
B. Small producers
C. Rural poor
D. None of these

578.With the growing competition, most employers these days prefer to employ workers:
A. Flexibly
B. Quickly
C. Selectively
D. None of these

579.An organization whose members are from national governments is a:
A. Nongovernmental Organization (NGO)
B. Intergovernmental Organization (IGO)
C. World wide Transnational Organization (WTO)
D. None of these

A. Stress the importance of international institutions in reducing conflict in the international system.
B. Are pessimistic above international operations.
C. Agree with realists that are unitary actors.
D. Both (a) and (c)
E. None of these

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