1051. The general chosen to command the Allied invasion of france was _______.

A. George patton
B. Chester Nimitz
C. George C. Marshall
D. Dwight D. Eisenhower *
E. Douglas Mac Arthur

1052. The destruction of the Berlin wall and the breakup of the soviet union signify the ________.

A. End of the cold war *
B. Collapse of The Taliban
C. Strength of The Warsaw pact
D. Power of the European Union

1053. Which of the following was least likely to provoke a direct military confrontation between the US and The USSR?

A. The Berlin Airlift of 1948
B. The cuban missile crisis of 1962
C. The construction of the berlin wall in 1961
D. The korea war of 1950-1953

1054. What was the main goal of the Truman doctrine?

A. Elimination of communism
B. Implementation of the ” Domino theory “.
C. Containment of communism *
D. Assistance to british Colonies in Africa

1055. What is the code name of the military operation in Yemen against Houthi group ?

A. Operation destruction storm
B. Operation decisive storm *
C. Operation All out
D. Operation Die Hard

1056. Congress of Vienna took place in ________.

A. 1648
B. 1815 *
C. 1899
D. None of these

1057. The fascist Dictator of italy was ________.

A. Francisco Franco
B. Antonio Gramci
C. Adolfo Colavita
D. Fiorello la guardia
D. Benito Mussolini *

1058. Which nation rejected China’s offer to build islands and retained its ties with taiwan ?

A. Burkina Faso
B. Sao Tom and principe
C. Panama
D. Tuvalu *

1059. Last SAARC conference was held in 2014 at ________.

A. Islamabad *
B. Kathmandu
C. Colombo
D. None of these

1060. Larry collins and Dominique La pierre wrote _______.

A. The discovery of india
B. India wins freedom
C. Freedom at what price?
D. Freedom at midnight . *