921. Who was Frederic sorrieu?
A. A Philosopher
B. A Painter
C. A Politician
D. A Revolutionaries

922. Welfare state gives importance to….
A.Economics decentralization
B.Political Centralization
C.Importance to religion
D.None of these

923. The study of the interactions among the various actors that participate in international politics is____________
A.International relations
B.Geostrategic relations
C.International society
D.International organization

924. The HIPC program was designed to deal with the debt problems of ___ countries.
A.Formerly communist
B.Poor developing
C.Latin American

925. Who among the following thinkers criticized the Austinian theory of sovereignty on the ground that law is not the command of the sovereign but an expression of the community’s sense of right?

926. Early liberalism stood for:
A.Religious toleration
B. Recognition of the divine of kings
C.Everything medieval, both in philosophy and in politics
D.Economic equality

927. For whom, ‘ideas’ and not the ‘material conditions of production’ are the effective causes of revolution?

A.Karl Marx

928. Balance of power is a tool in the hands of __________ states

A. Big
B. Medium size
C. Small
D. None of the above

929. George Kennan’s policy of containment was based on

A.a belief that the communists would win the Chinese civil war
B.an understanding with Britain regarding the post-World War II German government
C. a belief that the Soviet Union would try to expand the reach of communism
D. a need to decrease government spending in an effort to halt inflation

930. With which country India has held a meeting of PIC under the Indus Waters Treaty?
A. China
B. Japan
C. Pakistan