861. India has co-sponsored an UNSC resolution on “participation of women in peacekeeping operations”, put forth by which country?
B. China
C. Indonesia
D. Argentina

862. Which country has recently announced ban on slaughtering of cows?
A. Nepal
B. Bangladesh
C. Sri Lanka
D. Myanmar

863. Which car manufacturer has announced to withdraw from Formula One?
A. Ferrari
B. Mercedes
D. Honda

864. In which country, the holy city of Mecca is located?
A. United Arab Emirates
B. Kuwait
C. Bahrain
D. Saudi Arabia

865. TAEF, which recently partnered with National Maritime Foundation (NMF), is a think tank based in which country?
A. Japan
B. Taiwan
C. Philippines
D. Thailand

866. Which institution has called for emergency financing of USD 25 billion to help the poorest countries to tackle Covid-19?
C. World Bank

867. Moussa Traore, who has recently passed away, was the former President of which country?
A. Mali
B. Vietnam
C. France
D. United States

868. The head of which country has called for a pact with USA on “Non-Interference”?
A. India
B. China
C. Japan
D. Russia

869. India announced a Debt service relief under the G-20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative, to which country?
A. Nepal
B. Bangladesh
C. Myanmar
D. Sri Lanka

870. ‘Tsirkon’, which was seen in the news recently, is a hypersonic missile tested by which country?
A. United States
B. Russia
C. China
D. Kyrgyzstan

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