961. Vinesh Phogat has defeated former world champion Vanesa Kaladzinskay. He belongs to which country?
A. Belarus
B. Russia
C. Ukraine
D. Spain

962. The IAF team will be participating in the 70th Anniversary Celebrations of which nation’s Air Force?
A. Bangladesh
B. Sri Lanka
C. Australia
D. Russia

963. The 39th edition of the 14-day Agartala International Book Fair has started. Which country has set up its stall at the book fair?
A. Nepal
B. Sri Lanka
C. Maldives
D. Bangladesh

964. Which of the following countries signed an agreement with India for “procurement of defence material and equipment”?
A. Vietnam
B. Malaysia
C. Indonesia
D. Philippines

965. Which country is building the world’s first platypus sanctuary?
A. United States
B. Australia
C. Bahrain
D. Brazil

966. Manpreet Vohra has been given the role of India’s Ambassador to which country?
A. New Zealand
B. Australia
C. Japan
D. Finland

967. The World Bank has planned to introduce a credit guarantee scheme to boost the rooftop solar programme in India for MSMEs. What will be the value of this scheme?
A. 200 million
B. 300 million
C. 100 million
D. 500 million

968. Which country has signed the “procurement of defence material and equipment” agreement to purchase the BrahMos missile?
A. Vietnam
B. Philippines
C. Germany
D. Egypt

969. The Indian Naval Ships, INS Sumedha, and INS Kulish are on a visit to the historic port town of which country?
A. Maldives
B. Nepal
C. Afghanistan
D. Bangladesh

970. Which nation voted to ban full-face coverings in public places?
A. Sweden
B. Switzerland
C. Finland
D. Spain

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