1281. Which one of the following statements about Rousseau is correct ?

A. He made the theory of the social contract perfect;
B. He completely rejected the theory of the social contract;
C. He made the theory of the social contract into an idealist mode of political discourse;
D. He did nothing more than combine the views of Hobbes and Locke’s theories.

1282.The Historical theory of the origin of the state was propound by :

A. Sir Henry Maine *
B. Triestske
C. Oppenheimer
D. Durkheim

1283. Which of the following theories held that the state is a product and manifestation of the irreconcilability of class antgonisms ?

A. Evolutionary theory *
B. Anarchist theory
C. Marxist-Leninist theory
D. Guild-Socialist theory

1284. Which one of the following political thinkers was the first exponent of the liberal theory of states ?

A. John Locke *
B. T.H. Green
C. Jean Jacques Rousseau
D. Hobbes

1285. Who among the following thinkers held the ” human conciousness postulates liberty, liberty involves rights and rights demand the state “?

A. Hegel
B. Green *
C. Bosanquet
D. Laski

1286.” Law is the legitimate creation of rights in the proper sense: The following are connected to this definition of rights:

A. Hobbes
B. Hegel
C. Bentham *
D. Laski

1287. Which of the following countries are top three largest shareholders in asian infrastructure investment (AIIB)?

A. China, India and Australia
B. China, Australia and Canada
C. China, India and Russia *
D. China, Russia and India

1288. World oil prices increased to over 140$ per barrel in the summer of 2008 primarily because of ________.

A. Rapid growth in demand from india and china *
B. Increase exploitation of reserve in the caspian region
C. Reduction in aggregate OPEC production levels
D. The usual increase in summer travel

1289. The HIPC program was designed to deal with the debt problems of countries _____________.

A. Formerly Communist
B. Poor developing *
C. Latin America
D. Scandinavain

1290. The main change in th international trade regime between 1945 and the present was __________.

A. An increase in average tariff levels
B. A decline in the volume and value of trade *
C. The creation of a more ambitious trade regime (WTO)
D. The return to a gold standard