1331. The world’s richer countries are generally referred to as which one of the following ?

A. Third world
B. Global south
C. First world *
D. None of these

1332. Which one of the following is also known as ” Africa plus ‘?

A. The world’s poorest 20 countries
B. The few nations outside of Africa that are experiencing a lack of development
C. The three billion most unfortunate individuals on the planet
D. The bottom billion *

1333. Which of the following theories of development asserts that developing nations must follow in the footsteps of the United States and other developed nations in order to progress?

A. Dependency theory
B. Dominant development theory
C. Modernization theory *
D. World system theory

1334. Which one of the following is the best known dependency theorist ?

A. Walt whitman Rostow
B. Alexander Nobel
C. Andre gunder frank *
D. Charles Cooley

1335. With which one of the following theories are the “Five stages of economic growth ” associated ?

A. Classical Marxism
B. Mcdonaldization
C. World system theory
D. Modernization theory *

1336.. Dependency theorists use which of the following explanations for the underdevelopment of third-world nations?

A. Their integration into the global economic system is inadequate *
B. The are taken advantage of by more extravagant nations
C. The problems they face are brought on by developed capitalist nations.
D. They are frequently ruled by groups that take advantage of their own people and obstruct changes that would benefit the majority of people.

1337.In the 1980s and 1990s, which of the following theories dominated development policymaking?

A. Neo-Marxist economic theory
B. Postmodernist theory
C. Neo-Keynsian economic theory
D. Neo-liberal economic theory *

1338. Which on of the following is not an IGO ?

A. World Bank
B. Oxfam *

1339. The growing interdependence of societies across the world is generally referred to as which one of the following ?

A. Colonoization
B. Urbanization
C. Industrialization
D. Globalization *
E. Internationalization

1340. The expulsion of social contrasts so that all societies become progressively comparable is known as :

A. Hybridization
B. Pasteurization
C. Homogenization *
D. Globalization