911. Ruritania is:
A. A province of Romania
B. A state in Western Africa
C. A fictitious country
D. None of these

912. The Fourteen Points were enunciated at:
A. The conference of Westphalia
B. The conference of Versailles
C. The end of World War II
D. None of these

913. Helsinki is capital of:
A. Norway
B. New Zealand
C. Finland
D. None of these

914. Aman Ullah Khan is the leader of:
A. National Conference
B. Hizb-ul-Mujahideen
C. Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front
D. None of these

915. Apartheid is:
A. An international brotherhood
B. A policy of racial discrimination
C. All above
D. A medical term

916. “The notion of Sovereignty must be expunged from political theory.” This statement is given by __________

B. Laski
C. Cole

917. The study of Post Modern feminism is borne out of experiences from _________

B.One’s own

918. Which one of the following is an apt description of Bodin’s theory of sovereignty?

A. Absolute sovereignty
B. Limited sovereignty
C. Political sovereignty
D. Popular sovereignty

919. Group of 77 developing countries plus China (G77+China) summit to be held on 14 and 15 June 2014 in ———–?

A.Brasília (Brazil)
B.Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
C.Santiago (Chile)
D.None of these

920. Which of the following is also called as Total Disarmament?
A. Qualitative Disarmament
B.Quantitative Disarmament
C. General Disarmament
D.Comprehensive Disarmament

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