791.OSCE stands for: (CSS 1997)
A. Organization for Science and Culture in Europe
B. Organization of Social and Scientific Enterprise
C. Organization for Security and Cooperation Europe
D. Organization for space cooperation in Europe
E. None of these

792. Pakistan became full member of the NAM in: (CSS 1998)
A. 1976
C. 1983
D. 1986
E. None of these

793.NAM was formed in: (CSS 2000)
A. 1955
D. None of these.

794.INF Treaty was signed in: (CSS 2000)
A. 1985
B. 1986
C. 1987
D. None of these

795.U Thant was: (CSS 2000)
A. The Prime Minister of Laos
B. President of Taiwan
C. Secretary General of the United Nations.
D. None of these.

796.OIC was formed in: (CSS 2000)
A. Jedda
C. Cairo
D. None of these.

797.Politics among Nations was written by: (CSS 2000)
A. James Rosenau
B. HansĀ Morgenthau
C. K.J Holsti
D. None of these.

798.Members of the Security Council are: (CSS 2001)
A. 20
B. 18
C. 9
D. None of these

799.Which one of the following scholars consider International law as true law?
A. Grotius
B. Hobbes
C. Holland
D. Austin

800.The International Court of Justice is:
A. A principal judicial organ of the UN
B. A Court established by Stales outside the UN System
C. A Court established by the European Community
D. None of these