431. Arab Maghreb Union consists of:
A. Seven States
B. Five States
C. Nine States
D. None of these

432. The principal organs of United Nations are:
A. Eight
B. Five
C. Six
D. None of these

433. Scandinavia constitutes:
A. Nine slates
B. Five states
C. Seven stales
D. None of these

434. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed on:
A. 21st September 1932
B. 18th September 1932
C. 25th September 1932
D. None of these (23rd September 1932)

435. The Gulf Cooperation Council consists of:
A. Six states
B. Nine states
C. Seven states
D. None of these

436. The league of Arab States was established on:
A. 23rd March, 1943
B. 26th March, 1944
C. 22nd March, 1945
D. None of these

437. The Common Wealth of Australia came into existence in:
A. 1901
B. 1911
C. 1905
D. None of these

438. The Balkan Peninsula is located in:
A. Central Europe
B. South Western Europe
C. South Eastern Europe
D. None of these

439. Karl Mark and Engels presented the Communist Manifesto in:
A. 1845
B. 1848
C. 1850
D. None of these

440. Soviet Union was replaced by Russian federation in:
A. October, 1991
B. January, 1991
C. December, 1991
D. None of these

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