1071. The chief spy in black pather is ________.

A. Nakia *
B. Kilmonger
C. N Jobu
D. None of these

1072. Who was the fifth president of the united states ?

A. Dan D. Tompkins
B. James Madison
C. James Monroe *
D. None of these

1073. ” Which nation is the home of the “Yellow Vest” movement?

A. France *
B. Spain
C. Germany
D. None of these

1074. What is CONTRABAND?

A. All narcotics
B. Articles banned by a government
C. All smuggled goods
D. Items that might aid an adversary in fighting *

1075. The Russian famine also known as _______.

A. Soviet Famine
B. Povolyzhye Famine
C. Bot A and B *
D. None of these

1076. The author of the book ” Does america need a foreign policy?” is

A. Henry Alfred Kissinger *
B. Hillary Clinton
C. Henry Paul
D. None of these

1077. The author of the book ” Terrorism : Theirs & ours” is ?

A. Iqbal Ahmad *
B. Ronald Reagan
C. David Barsamian
D. None of these

1078. What was the date of D-Day in World war II?

A. 6 June 1940
B. 6 June 1944 *
C. 6 June 1945
D. None of these

1079. What was the desire behind the bretton woods agreement ?

A. A desire to put an end to the second world war II
B. A desire to eradicate the causes that led to the second world war II *
C. A desire to establish a system of varying currencies
D. A desire to abolish various currencies

1080. 41st President of United states ?

A. Dan Quayle
B. George. H.W.Bush *
C. Ronal Reagan
D. None of these