941. India has signed agreements related to visa facilitation and leather technology with which country?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Maldives
C. Ethiopia
D. Mauritius

942. India will build how many secondary schools in Nepal?
A. 4
B. 9
C. 6
D. 7

943. The European Union has held the 11th Macroeconomic Dialogue virtually with which country?
A. Russia
B. India
D. Japan

944. Which country has launched AI-based translation software Amar Vasha developed by India?
A. Bangladesh
B. Nepal
C. Japan
D. Pakistan

945. The newly-instituted International Anti-Corruption Champions Award has been launched by which country?
A. France
B. United States
C. Germany
D. Singapore

946. With which African nation has India signed its first Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as well as offered USD 100 million line of credit for defence assets procurement?
A. Ethiopia
B. Seychelles
C. Kenya
D. Mauritius

947.Which country has launched a coronavirus “green pass” system?
A. Iran
B. Israel
C. Malaysia
D. Sweden

948. The Government of India has inked a pact with which country to set up a Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen?
A. Norway
B. Australia
C. United States
D. Maldives

949. Which country has become the first country in the world to ban painkillers Ketoprofen?
A. Brazil
B. India
C. Japan
D. Bangladesh

950. The Trilateral Dialogue of India has been set up with which two countries with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region?
A. Australia and Russia
B. Israel and United States
C. France and Australia
D. Japan & United States

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