1161. Welfare state gives importance to _________.

A. Economics decentralization *
B. Political Centralization
C. Importance to religion
D. None of these

1162. _______ decentralization characteristics of welfare state .

A. Economic *
B. Political
C. Social
D. None of these

1163. ______ is base of welfare state .

A. Supremacy of law *
B. Supremacy of tradition
C. Economic security
D. None of these

1164. Welfare of __________ is the aim of welfare state .

A. Politician *
B. Bureaucats
C. Individuals
D. None of these

1165. _________ is suitable for welfare state >

A. Monarchy
B. Aristocracy *
C. Democracy
D. Communism

1166. According to __________ welfare state solves many problems .

A. Seymour Martin Lipset
B. Marx
C. Palto *
D. Lenin

1167. Objectives of international relations are to safeguard __________.

A. National Interest *
B. Morality
C. Religion
D. Economy

1168. What is the importance of woodrow wilson’s “Fourteen points” to the study of international relation?

A. They are the foundation for the realist approach in international relations.
B. They are the foundation for the idealist approach in International relations *
C. They are the foundation for the liberal approach in International relations
D. They are the foundation for deterrence theories in International relations

1169. Which of the following is not one of the systematic ways in which individual decision-making diverges from the rational actor model?

A. Misperceptions
B. Cognitive bias
C. Indeterminate preferences *
D. Affective bias

1170. According to structural theories of international relations, some nations are more significant than others. Which state quality is used by structural theories to estimate a state’s influence?

A. Geographic location
B. Power *
C. Regime type
D. Political maturity