271. Which of these Middle Eastern events did not occur in 1979?
A. Mauritania withdraws from Western Sahara
B. The Iranian Revolution
C. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
D. Israel returns the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt
E. The PLO relocates to Lebanon

272. Pakistan and US navies recently conducted joint exercises in the Arabian Sea by the name of
A. Optimum Impact
B. Divers Move
C. Inspired Union
D. None of these

273. Where are the headquarters of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)?
A. Ebene, Mauritius
B. Colombo, Sri Lanka
C. Moroni, Comoros
D. Dhaka, Bangladesh

274. The United States signed Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with which country on 28 April 2014, which would give American forces temporary access to selected military camps and allow them to preposition fighter jets and ships?
A. Indonesia
B. The Philippines
C. Malaysia
D. None of these

275. The Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean located between which two countries?
A. Mozambique and Mauritius
B. Mauritius and Comoros
C. Comoros and Seychelles
D. Madagascar and Mozambique

276. Which is the deepest ocean in the world?
A. Arctic
B. Atlantic
C. Pacific
D. None of these

277. The United Nations Security Council has recently adopted a unanimous resolution to resolve the political and security crisis in
A. Syria
B. Iraq
C. Yemen
D. Turkey

278. What is the code name of the military operation in Yemen against Houthi group?
A. Operation Destruction Storm
B. Operation Decisive Storm
C. Operation All Out
D. Operation Die Hard

279. Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki on 6 March 2014 lifted the state of emergency that has been in place since the outbreak of a popular revolution. When was the emergency imposed in the country?
A. January 2010
B. January 2011
C. January 2012
D. None of these

280. Suez Canal was constructed in?
A. April 1859
B.November 1869
C.June 1897
D.None of these