1231. Who among the following have emphasized the environmental factor in decision-making approach?

A. Graham Allison and Ole Holsti
B. Talcott Parsons and Edward shils
C. Harold and Margaret Sprout *
D. Herbert simon and J.W. Burton

1232. Who among the following made the statement ” Sovereignty is the supreme power of state, over citizens and subjects unhindered by law”?

A. J. Bodin *
B. H. Gardner
C. Harold J. Laski
D. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

1233. Which one of the following statements is not applicable to Morgenthau’s theory ?

A. The concept of interest as defined in terms of power is the master key.
B. Political realism has a fixed interest meaning
C. Political realism has a fixed interest meaning *
D. The laws of politics are objective and stem from human nature.

1234. Which one of the following statement is correct ?

A. Sovereignty of the state is indivisible
B. Sovereignty is sine-qua-non for state
C. Sovereignty of the state is inalienable
D. Sovereignty of the state is limited *

1235. The legal sovereign has to submit to the _______ sovereign

A. Real
B. Titular*
C. Popular
D. None of these

1236. Titular sovereign means ___________.

A. A person who enjoys absolute power and is not accountable to any one .
B. A Sovereign elected by parliament
C. A person who is vested with all *
D. None of these

1237. Sovereignty is the supreme will of the state are the world of ________.

A. Austin
B. Locks
C. Laski
D. Willoughby*

1238. The concept of popular sovereignty was first given by ________.

A. Jean Bodin
B. Locke
C. Rousseau *
D. Hobbes

1239. De facto sovereignty in england resides in __________.

A. House of lords
B. Prime minister *
C. Queen
D. House of commons

1240. ” Law is the command of superior to inferior whose view is this ?

A. Austin *
B. Laski
C. Barker
D. None of these