581.The military industrial complex consists of:
A. The military, defense contractors and research institutes.
B. The military, defense contractors, and the executive branch.
C. The army, the navy and the air-force.
D. None of these.

582.Territorial waters traditionally are recognized to extend how far from a state’s coastline?

A. 3 miles
B. 10 miles
C. 12 miles
D. None of these

583.A state’s executive economic zone (EEZ) is recognized to extend how far from the coastline?
A. 3 miles
B. 10 miles
C. 12 miles
D. None of these

584. States can exclude others from entering which the following?
A. 12 miles limit from coastline
B. Airspace
C. Orbital space
D. Both (a) and (b)
E. None of these
(d) Both (a) and (b)

585.Weapons of mass destruction include:
A. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
B. Nuclear, conventional and biological weapons
C. Chemical, ballistic and biological weapons
D. None of these

586.Strategic weapons are:
A. Short-range weapons
B. Intermediate range of weapons
C. Long-range weapons
D. None of these

587.The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) attempts to prevent:
A. The spread of missile technology
B. The spread of missile weapons
C. The spread of biological weapons
D. None of these

588.Which of the following is a principle stated in the UN Charter?
A. States are equal under international law
B. States have full sovereignty over their own affairs
C. States should have full independence and territorial integrity
D. All of above
E. None of these

589.A just war:

A. Can be waged to change another state’s government, if it is violating human rights.
B. Can be waged for ethnic or religious reasons
C. Can be waged only in response to aggression
D. None of these

590.“Sustainable” economic development means:
A. Development that can be sustained over a period of decades
B. Development that is supported by the domestic economy and does not involve international trade.
C. Development that does not deplete resources and destroy ecosystems so quickly that the basis of development itself is undermined.
D. None of these