261. The Oslo I Accords:
A. Transferred 13 percent of the West Bank to Palestinian control
B. Allowed the Palestinians to form their own government, the Palestinian Authority
C. Superceded an earlier agreement that set a timetable for independence for Palestinians
D. Enabled Israel to construct a security fence around Palestinian areas
E. Officially disbanded the PLO in favor of a democratic Palestinian government

262. Palestinians achieved self-rule over 30 percent of the West Bank with the signing of what agreement?
A. The Wye Agreement
B. The Oslo I Accords
C. The Oslo II Accords
D. The Gaza-Jericho Accord
E. The Camp David Accords

263. What was the “deal breaker” for the Palestinians during the 2000 peace negotiations?
A. Israel’s continued ownership of the land the Temple Mount/al-Haraam ash-Sharif lies on
B. Israel’s reluctance to withdraw troops and settlements from the West Bank and Gaza
C. How to divide the historic quarters of Old Jerusalem between the Israelis and the Palestinians
D. The Palestinians’ insistence that all Palestinians be granted the right of return to within Israel’s current borders
E. The election of Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel, with whom the Palestinians would not negotiate

264. The “Green Line” is the:
A. Boundary Israel wants between the Golan Heights and Syria
B. Path of the Israeli security fence through Jerusalem
C. Boundary between Israeli-controlled and Palestinian-controlled land in the West Bank
D. Safe-passage route between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
E. 1967 border between Israel and the West Bank

265. Which of the following cities is not located on the Mediterranean Sea?
A. Algiers
B. Tunis
C. Tripoli
D. Cairo
E. Tel Aviv

266. The Egyptian city that is part of the “Red Sea Riviera” is:
A. Cairo
B. Port Said
C. Sharm el-Sheikh
D. Taba
E. Suez

267. Darfur is located in _____ Sudan.
A. Northern
B. Eastern
C. Southern
D. Western

268. American warplanes bombed which capital city in 1986?
A. Baghdad
B. Tehran
C. Damascus
D. Tripoli
E. Kabul

269. Berbers are most numerous in which countries?
A. Algeria and Libya
B. Egypt and Libya
C. Algeria and Tunisia
D. Egypt and Algeria
E. Morocco and Algeria

270. Which country achieved independence in 1962 after a bitter eight-year-long war?
A. Libya
B. Morocco
C. Yemen
D. Sudan
E. Algeria

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