361. Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership of UN?
A. India.
D.None of these

362. AFPAK policy was announced in:
B. 2009
D. None of these

363. From which country Pakistan purchased Gwadar?
A. Kuwait
B. Iran
C. Muscat/Oman
D. None of these

364. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has recently approved $509 million to finance four projects of which of the following countries?
A. Azerbaijan, Egypt, Finland and Iceland
B. India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh
C. Myanmar, Iran, Philippines and Sri Lanka
D. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tajikistan

365. In which year Pakistan becomes ‘Republic’?
A. 1947
B. 1956
C. 1962
D. None of these

366. Who is the newly appointed head of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP)?
A. Peter Thomson
B. Major General Per Lodin
C. N Saibaba
D. Per Gustaf Lodin

367. Which country is the world’s largest oil consumer, as per the recently released BP Statistical Review of World Energy?
A. China
B. United States
C. India
D. Russia

368. The South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) has not been a success because of
A. Narrow export base of countries.
B. Political hurdles.
C. Lack of bilateral free trade agreements.
D. Both a & b

369. India cut off the flow of canal waters to West Punjab for first time on
A. April 1948
B. May 1948
C. April 1949
D. None of these

370. Kashmir sold to Maharaja Gulab Singh in
A. 1845
B. 1865
C. 1890