1111. International relation is a ________.

A. Pluralistic *
B. Antagonistic
C. Esoteric
D. Stoic
E. None of the above

1112. Important subject of international relation is ______.

A. Protection of human rights
B. Study of sovereignty
C. Study of world government
D. International co operation *

1113. International society is regulated by _______.

A. A benign form of cosmopolitan democracy
B. Imperial expansion
C. Diplomacy, law and the balance of power *
D. None of these

1114. It has been said that the state theory of which of the following thinkers is “an incongruous mixture of natural rights and physiological metaphor”?

A. Bradley
B. Spencer *
C. John caspar bluntschli
D. Burke

1115. Which term is used in international relations to describe a global system with two dominant powers?

A. Bipolar *
B. Nationalist
C. Isolationist
D. None of these

1116. A vassal state is _________.

A. One which is totally under the suzerainty of another state *
B. One which should exist in each vessel of the state, on the high oceans
C. A protectorate
D. A state which is an individual from federation

1117. Elements of International society can be found as _________.

A. Medieval Islam
B. Medieval christian Europe
C. Ancient China, Medieval Islam, and Europe during the Christian Middle Ages
D. None of these

1118. Which one of the accompanying speculations held that the state is an item and indication of the hostility of class oppositions?

A. Evolutionary Theory
B. Anarchist Theory
C. Marxist-leninist Theory *
D. Guild-Socialist Theory

1119. ________ Proposes that individuals act in patterned ways that can be studied by empirically testing hypotheses about those patterns.

A. Social Constructivism
B. Behavioralism *
C. The comparative Method
D. Discourse analysis

1120. A nongovernmental organization such as _______ is an organization you could join to have influence in international relations .

A. The united Nations
B. Amnesty International *
C. The organization of American states
D. The African Union
E. None of the above