1251. Decision making theorist’s focus on :

A. State-made decisions regarding foreign policy
B. The effect of domestic politics on decisions regarding foreign policy
C. Specific decisions makers who speak and act in the name of state
D. The actual or objective conditions that influence decisions regarding foreign policy *

1252. The Marxists perceive international politics as :

A. A power struggle between the bourgeois and socialist systems in the hope that international proletarianism will eventually prevail *
B. A power struggle that can be managed by maintaining power balances between two nations or a group of nations.
C. Peaceful interactions between states
D. Interactions between states guided and shaped by their leaders

1253. Schelling’s concepts of ” mixed motive game” richly embodies :

A. Political and economic points of view
B. Cultural and ideological points of view points of view
C. Psychological and sociological point of view *
D. Strategic and Military points of view

1254. Central feature of immanuel Wallenstein’s work is”

A. World system *
B. Nation
C. Regional Systems
D. Underdevelopment

1255. Which among the following scholars propounded the systems approach towards the study of international relations ?

A. David Easton
B. Gabriel Almond
C. C. McClelland*
D. J.W. Burton

1256. Which one of the following approaches or modest of international politics does not give importance to the role of state as an actor ?

A. Dependency model *
B. Realist Model
C. Neo-Realist model
D. Interdependence pluralist Model

1257. Which one of the followings an apt description of Bodin’s theory of sovereignty ?

A. Absolute Sovereignty *
B. Limited Sovereignty
C. Political Sovereignty
D. Popular Sovereignty

1258. Who among the following thinkers criticized the Austinian theory of sovereignty on the ground that law is not the command of the sovereign but an expression of the community’s sense of right ?

A. Laski
B. Krabbe *
C. Duguit
D. Gierke

1259. Association are not persona ficta but real persons existing prior to the state . This view was propound by :

A. Hobbes
B. Hegel
C. Duguit
D. Gierke *

1260. It has been said that the state theory of which of the following thinkers is “an incongruous mixture of natural rights and physiological Metaphor?”

A. Bradley
B. Spencer *
C. Bluntschli
D. Burke