1121. Of more prominent theoretical approaches, concerned with power.

A. Reaslims *
B. Liberalism
C. Social constructivism
D. Behavioralism
E. Radicalisms

1122. How many states do we currently have in the world?

A. 50
B. 200
C. 194 *
D. 201

1123. One of the most well-known theories of international relations is which of the following?

A. Realism
B. Liberalism
C. Behavioralism *
D. Social constructivism
E. Radicalisms

1124. In the international system the state live in what hobbes called the _______.

A. State of nature *
B. State of balance
C. Balance of power
D. Perpetual peace
E. None of the above

1125. _ is the author of history of the Peloponnesian war .

A. Aristophones
B. Xenophon
C. Anaximander
D. Thucydides *
E. Herodotus

1126. Kant’s solution to international conflict is ______.

A. A super-Leviathan
B. A world of small farming communities
C. An international federation of states *
D. The rule of the general will
E. None of the above

1127. The _______ is an example of an application of behaviorism.

A. Correlates of war project *
B. Idea for a universal history
C. United nationals
D. peloponnesian war
E. None of the above

1128. Which of the following actors does not fall under the purview of the field of international relations?

A. States
B. International organizations
C. Subnational entities
D. Non governmental organization
E. The subject matter of international relations includes all of the aforementioned

1129. Which of the following does not address behaviorism in any way?

A. The essential inquiries of mankind and society are dismissed
B. The thoughtfulness regarding techniques has overpowered the substance of the span
C. The emphasis is on quantifiable parts of worldwide relations
D. The absence of subsidizing and time for research restricts the behavioralist scientists. *
E. These are all criticisms of behaviorism.

1130. In the Republic , Plato argues that the ideal ruler is _________.

A. The people
B. A Tyrant
C. A Philosopher-king *
D. A high priest
E. No Ruler