441. Article 55 of the UN Charter promotes international:
A. Peace
B. Human Rights
C. Security
D. None of these

442. The main judicial arm of UN, the 1CJ is located in:
A. Geneva
B. The Hague
C. Lisbon
D. None of these

443. Realists are realists because:
A. They are realistic
B. They believe they have more historically rooted analysis about the international system
C. They believe that conflict is cultural and not ideological or economic
D. They believe that the structures of hegemony established in one era still remain intact

444. What is ‘market Stalinism’?
A. Shutting down free markets like Stalin would
B. The coupling of communism and capitalism specific to China
C. The term used to describe US’s economic relation with China
D. None of the above

445. What have been the main consequences of the Asian economic crisis of 1997?
A. It shook political norms to the core and in some cases led to change in government
B. It undermined the attractiveness of East Asia prosperity
C. It championed the liberal model of individualism and choice over traditionalism, community, and hierarchy
D. All of the above

446. How has the end of the cold war (arguably) exacerbated the north south divide?
A. It brought less developed countries under the control of the west and its economic institutions
B. It led to a reduction in foreign aid
C. It made it difficult for ‘third world’ countries to exploit the superpower rivalry for their own benefit
D. All of the above

447. Peruvian economist De Soto suggests:
A. That capitalism is the only way forward for developing countries
B. That capitalism has triumphed in the west but failed elsewhere
C. That developing countries are in the state they are for not having paid attention to the IMF
D. None of the above

448. September 11 was seen to be:
A. The day the post-cold war era effect came to an end
B. A savage protest by the dispossessed against US hegemony
C. The day the world started paying attention to the developing world
D. Both (a) and (b)

449. What is meant by unipolarity?
A. A polarized university
B. The nation that the US has now become and is likely to remain the only major power in the world
C. The nation that the US is spreading its reach as an ’empire’
D. Both (b) and (c)

450. What is the Realist image of the state?
A. The state is the most important factor of international politics and sovereignty is its distinguishing trait
B. The state will always seek to ensure its survival in a perilous’ international environment
C. The state behaves morally and in accordance to what its population’s values are
D. Both (a) and (b)