1261. How does domestic terrorism differ from state-sponsored terrorism ?

A. Domestic terrorism is backed by a different government;
B. State-sponsored terrorism only targets military targets;
C. Domestic terrorism only targets military targets;
D. Domestic terrorism is not associated with any other governments*

1262. Which of the following is not generally regarded as a factor that contributes to war?

A. God’s will *
B. Human nature
C. Economics
D. The international System

1263. What is the state of war ?

A state that constantly expands its military and is aggressive
B. The circumstances in which there is no actual conflict but rather a perpetual cold war that has the potential to turn into a “real” war at any time*
C. A situation in which a number of states or states that are nearby are at war
D. None of these

1264. Which one does not contribute to the formation of International government ?

A. Expansion of international trade
B. Establishment of international organization
C. Inter-State rivalry *
D. Means of communication

1265. Which among the following scholars propounded the systems approach towards the study of international relations ?

A. David Easton
B. Gabriel Almond
C. C. McClelland *
D. J.W.Burton

1266. Which one of the following approaches or modest of international politics does not give importance to the role of state as an actor ?

A. Dependency Model *
B. Realist Model
C. Neo-realist Model
D. Interdependence pluralist model

1267. Which of the following best sums up Bodin’s concept of sovereignty?

A. Absolute sovereignty *
B. Limited sovereignty
C. Political sovereignty
D. Popular sovereignty

1268. Who among the following thinkers criticized the Austinian theory of sovereignty on the ground that law is not the command of the sovereign but an expression of the community’s sense of right ?

A. Laski
B. Krabbe *
C. Duguit
D. Gierke

1269. Associations are not personal ficta but real persons existing prior to the state . This view was propound by :

A. Hobbes
B. Hegel
C. Duguit
D. Gierke *

1270. It has been said that the state theory of which of the following thinkers is “an incongruous mixture of natural rights and physiological metaphor”?

A. Bradley
B. Spencer *
C. Bluntschli
D. Burke