1321. The ” Ease of doing business index ” is preparation and published by ________?

A. World trade organization
B. World bank Group *
C. United nations
D. European union

1322. US President George Bush has created ” Millennium challenge account ” to :

A. Improve national security
B. Provide aid to Iraq and Afghanistan
C. Support developing nations that uphold democratic ideals *
D. None of these

1323. Which of the following nations is not participating in the negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)?

A. USA *
B. Japan
C. China
D. None of these

1324. Which three former soviet republics on 27 june 2014 signed historic trade deals with the European Union(EU) that are expected to help them overcome their post-soviet legacy of corruption and debt ?

A. Georgia, Moldova, and Serbia
B. Georgia, Estonia and Ukraine
C. Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine *
D. None of these

1325. On June 5, 2014, the Group of Seven countries’ (G7) 40th Summit came to an end. Which city hosted this two-day summit?

A. Brussels, Belgium *
B. Copenhagen, Denmark
C. Berlin, Germany
D. None of these

1326. Which country has launched the world’s longest super-secure quantum communication line ?

A. New zeland
B. China *
C. Japan
D. South Korea

1327. Which of the following does not constitute development?

A. Economic growth
B. Subsistence agriculture *
C. The reduction of poverty
D. Improving levels of literacy

1328. Which of the following is a good illustration of social development?

A. People becoming more outgoing and sociable
B. Increasing use of consumer goods in Europe and the United States
C. Rising numbers of doctors and hospitals *
D. Better equipped and trained armies

1329. Which of the following describes a Millennium Development Goal most accurately?

A. A unified Countries focus for Worldwide donning accomplishment
B. A national goal that is immediately embraced by nearly every social group
C. A global development objective to be met in the next 1,000 years
D. A goal established by the United Nations to advance development *

1330. The world’s richer countries are generally referred to as which one of the following ?

A. Third world
B. Global south
C. First world *
D. None of these