651. ” Politics among nations” was written by:
A. K.J. Holsti
B. Gavin Boyd
C. Hans.J.Morgenthau
D. None of these

652. UNO was formed in:
A. 1944
B. 1945
C. 1946
D. None of these

653. Peaceful co-existence between USA and USSR was initiated by:
A. Stalin
B. Brezhnev
C. Khrushchev
D. None of these

654. Detente between USA and USSR started between:
A. 1959-69
B. 1969-79
C. 1980-90
D. None of these

655. Perestroika was started by:
A. Brezhnev
B. Podgorny
C. Gorbachev
D. None of these

656. The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in:
A. 1990
B. 1992
C. 1996
D. None of these

657. Ismail Haniya is:
A. President of Palestine
B. Lebanese Minister
C. Leader of Hamas
D. None of these

658. Netanyahu was:
A. President of Taiwan
B. Defence Minister of China
C. Prime Minister of Israel
D. None of these

659. USSR was disintegrated in:
A. 1989
B. 1990
C. 1991
D. None of these

660. Theory and Practice of International Relations is written by:
A. Padelford and Lincoln
B. Palmer and Perkins
C. Hans j.Morgenthau
D. None of these