1131. Of the more prominent theoratical approaches, is most concerned with economic class________.

A. Realism
B. Liberalism
C. Social construtivism
D. Behabioralism *
E. Radiacalism

1132. Constructivists trace how ideas shape identities by studying ______.

A. Culture
B. Norms
C. Procedures
D. Social practices
E. All of the above *

1133. The study of the interactions among the various actors that participate in international politics is _______.

A. International relations *
B. Geostrategic relations
C. International society
D. International organization
E. Global governance

1134. The two great rival states in the peloponnesian war were _______.

A. Athens- Persia
B. Athens- Sparta *
C. Athens- Corinth
D. Sparta- Corinth
E. Sparta- Persia

1135. Rousseau wanted smaller communities so that it would be easier for people to attain______.

A. Englightenment
B. The General Will *
C. The state of Nature
D. Perpetual peace
E. Cleos

1136. Who among the following held the view that the “state comes into existence for the sake of life and it containues for the sake of good life ?

A. J. Bentham
B. T. H. Green
C. Aristotle *
D. Plato

1137. Congress of Vienna took place in ______.

A. 1648
B. 1815 *
C. 1899
D. None of these

1138. The term nationality is derived from a latin word :

B. Nation
D. None of these

1139. According to Quincy write the approaches to the study of international politics are ______.

A. 18
B. 21
C. 23
D. None of these *

1140. ” The state exist merely because crime exists and its principles function, therefore is to protect and restrain not foster and promoteĀ  the above statments best reflects the idea of :

A. Liberalism *
B. Socialism
C. Anarchism
D. Facism