1371. Where do MNCs choose to set up production ?

A. Cheap goods
B. Cheap labor resources *
C. Economic sustainability
D. None of these

1372. Trade between countries :

A. Determines product prices in various nations *
B. Decreases competition between countries
C. Makes a country reliant upon the other
D. None of these

1373. Globalisation by connecting countries lead to :

A. Lesser competition among producers
B. Greater competition among producers *
C. No competition between producers
D. None of these

1374. The following are some major contributors to the acceleration of globalization:

A. Effective utilization of resources
B. Increase in income and wealth
C. Willingness to cooperate
D. Rapid improvement in technology *

1375. If Tax is imposed on chinese toys, what will happen ?

A. Chinese toy-makers will benefit
B. Pakistan toy-makers will prosper *
C. Chinese toys will remain cheap
D. Pakistani purchasers will purchase more chinese toys

1376. Which out of the following is an example of trade barrier ?

A. Foreign investment
B. Delay or damage of goods
C. Tax on imports *
D. None of these

1377. The removal of restrictions or barriers imposed by the government is known as:

A. Liberalization *
B. Investment
C. Favorable trade
D. Free trade

1378. WTO aims at :

A. Establishing rules for domestic trade
B. Restricting trade practices
C. Liberalizing international trade *
D. None of these

1379. Globalisation has created new opportunities of :

A. Employment
B. Emerging multinationals
C. Providing services
D. All of the above *

1380. One significant government drive to draw in unfamiliar organizations to put resources into india is :

A. To raise the standard of education
B. To encourage public sector unemployment
C. To build special economic zones *
D. Both A and C