351. Pakistan and Russia signed a landmark defense agreement on
A. 19 August 2015
B. 20 August 2015
C. 23 August 2015
D. 29 August 2015

352. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is regarded as the biggest connectivity project between the two countries with total investments around
A. 56 billion US dollars.
B. 46 billion US dollars.
C. 48 billion US dollars.
D. 49 billion US dollars.

353. Pakistan has recently been given full status in
A. Organization of economic development cooperation and development (OECD)
B. Gulf cooperation council (GCC)
C. Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO)
D. None of these

354. Who is the current ambassador of Pakistan to USA?
A. Mahmood Ali Durani
B. Jahangir Karamat
C.Madeeha Lodhi
D. None of above

355. Recently, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was signed between Pakistan and ….
A. India
B. Turkey
C. Afghanistan
D. China

356. Name the area which separates Pakistan from Tajikistan?
B.Khyber Pass
D.Hindu Kush mountain range

357. The Border agreement between Pakistan and india on Runn of Kuchh was signed in which year?

358. When Indus Water Treaty was signed between India and Pakistan?
A. 1960
B. 1962
C. 1969
D. None of these

359. Which country assisted Pakistan in building Karachi Nuclear Power Plant?
B. France
C. China
D. Canada

360. Pakistan has been elected member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for a three-year term starting ________.
A. 1st January, 2016
B. 1stJune, 2015
C. 1st January, 2015
D. 1st July, 2015