701. The Tashkent agreement
A. Condemned China
B. Pledged plebiscite in Kashmir
C. Ended the hostilities between India and Pakistan

702. When States refer a case to the international Court of Arbitration, they
A.Ask the judges to decide the case on merit
B. Choose the judges of their own choice
C. Reserve the right to make an appeal to the International Court of Justice

703. The security Council of the United Nations
A. shares power with the General Assembly
B. Takes actions by unanimous consent
C. Establishes subsidiary organs as it deems necessary to perform its functions

704. The United States was a member of
A. Warsaw Pact
D.None of the above

705. The Rio Pact provides
A. the consultation of Foreign Ministries of Latin American countries
B. consorted action against communist states
C. the the collective settlement of Latin American disputes

706. The Cuban Crisis of 1962 led to
A. status quo in Latin America
B. adjustments of relations between Cuba and the United States
C. test Ban Treaty of 1963

707. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist is:
A. An independent (recognized) country
B. member of the Nations Organizations
C. Member of Warsaw

708. Glasnost
A. is intended to reduce armament through Perestroika
B. is like sliding the lid to let steam off by restructuring Soviet Economy through Perestroika
C. stems from Soviet Union’s need to reduce armament in order to restructure Soviet
Economy i.e Perestroika

709. Insurgency
A. is belligerency
B. is not belligerency
C. could turn into belligerency

710. For Pakistan, joining of SEATO and CENTO was
A. intended to inhibit Communist expansion
B. defensive in nature
C. designed to prevent Indian aggression