491. Contemporary historical sociology looks at:
A. How societies developed before the middle ages
B. Interaction between states, classes, capitalism and war
C. It does not look at feminism and post-modernism
D. Both (a) and (b)

492. The key distinction in normative theory is between:
A. Cosmopolitanism and communitarianism
B. Cosmopolitanism and post modernism
C. Feminism and post modernism
D. Communitarianism and post modernism

493. Post-colonial feminists:
A. Work on gender, race and class on a global scale
B. Look into how femininity is constructed
C. Suggest that liberal feminists have in some cases been cultural imperialists
D. Both (a) and (c)

494. Foucault focuses on the power-knowledge relationship and sees the two as:
A. Independent
B. Mutually constitutive
C. Contradictory
D. None of the above

495.Derrida argues that:
A. The world can be grasped using a rationalist approach
B. The world cannot be grasped but has to be interpreted
C. The world is inexplicable
D. The view of the world depends on your position in society

496.How do post-modernists react to the criticism that their theories are too theoretical and not concerned with the real world?
A.In the social world there is no such thing as real
B. It doesn’t matter that it’s too theoretical
C. Theory is the instrument of change
D. None of the above

497. Edward Said argues in his book Orientalism:
A. That knowledge and material power can be separated but only be those from the Orient
B. That knowledge and material power cannot be separated
C. That Western culture was fundamentally intertwined with imperialism and hegemonically represented the ‘East’
D. Both (b) and (c)

498. What is meant by national security?
A. Security of a country defined in socio-economic terms
B. Security largely defined in militarized terms
C. Security based on a country’s domestic politics
D. None of the above

499. Why is ‘uncertainty’ so crucial to the realist account of security?
A. Because it causes the system to be anarchic
B. Because it leads to lack of trust in the international system
C. Because it changes the balance of power in the international system
D. None of the above

500. What is the main role of the World Bank?
A. To be a forum for trade and liberalization
B. To assist countries inĀ development
C. To facilitate private investment around the world
D. All of the above