281. Who among the following is often called Warren Buffet of Arabia?
A. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
B. Mohammed Al Amoudi
C. Iskander Makhmudov
D. Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber

282. British government sold Kashmir to Gulab Singh in
A. 1846
B. 1845
C. 1843
D. None of these

283. India has constructed “Baglihar Dam” in occupied Kashmir`s district of:
A. Udhumpur
B. Doda
C. Jammu
D. None of these

284. The main course of the Arab-Israeli conflicts from 1948 to 1973 was the clash between
A. Islamic Fundamentalism and Orthodox Judaism
B. Arab socialism and Israeli capitalism
C. Arab nationalism and Jewish nationalism
D. Israeli technology and Saudi Arabian economic goals

285. In 1979, the signing of the Camp David Accords by Egypt and Israel indicated that
A. Nationalism was no longer a force in Middle Eastern politics
B. The differences between Shi’ite and Sunni Moslems had been settled
C. Former enemies were able to negotiate
D. The Soviet Union dominated Middle Eastern affairs

286. As a peace process continues in the Middle East, a major stumbling block to a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the question of
A. Ownership and operation of the Suez Canal
B. Control of the Arabian Peninsula
C. Representation of Palestinian Arabs and Israelis
D. Land and civil rights for Palestinian Arabs

287. In the 1990’s, the action by the Israeli Government that has most divided Israeli society has been the decision to
A. Grant control of part of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians
B. Support the United States—led Allied Coalition during the Persian Gulf War
C. Support the Camp David accords
D. Oppose Islamic fundamentalist rule in Iran

288. Who were David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Menachem Begin?
A. Leaders of the modern state of Israel
B. Scientist who developed better methods of discovering oil
C. Clergy who supported Islamic Fundamentalism
D. Egyptian presidents who encouraged peace with Israel

289. “Hamas” was founded in 1987 by:
A.Yasser Arfat
B.Ismail Haniye
C. Khalid Meshaal
D. None of these

290. Who has been named as the Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2016?
A. Donald Trump
B. Mark Zuckerberg
C. Narendra Modi
D. Hillary Clinton