631. Mauritius and Seychelles are located in ______ ocean:
A. Pacific
B. Western Indian
C. Mediterranean
D. None of these

632. Sarah Palin is the governor of:
A. New York
B. Alaska
C. Illinois
D. None of these

633. President De Gaulle withdrew France from NATO in:
A. 1966
B. 1950
C. 1962
D. None of these

634. Pearl Harbor, USA, naval base in Hawain Islands, during WWII was attacked by:
A. Germany
B. Japan
C. Cuba
D. None of these

635. According to Brandt Report, ‘The South consists of:
A. Third world countries
B. Australia
C. China
D. None of these

636. In 1933 Hitler signed an agreement with pope known as:
A. Brandeus
B. Concordat
C. Peace Pact
D. None of these

637. The current president of Russia is:
A. Vladimir Putin
B. Nicolas Sarkozy
C. Dmitry Medvedev
D. None of these

638. North Korea invaded South Korea in:
A. 1948
B. 1950
C. 1959
D. None of these

639. Indian Congress came into power under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi in:
A. 2000
B. 2004
C. 2006
D. None of these

640. The UN charter in 1945 was drawn up in:
A. New York
B. San Francisco
C. Washington
D. None of these