241. In what ways was the end of the cold war (1989-91) significant?
A. It marked the beginning of the rise of China
B. Important changes took place at the level of the Nation-State
C. It modified the roles for International organizations
D. (b) and (c)

242. Which of the following was an ‘internal’ reason for the collapse of the USSR?
A. Freedom of worship
B. Structural weaknesses in the economy
C. New joint ventures law
D. Pressure for ideological conformity

243. What was the Brezhnev doctrine?
A. Limited sovereignty for eastern bloc nation
B. Full sovereignty for soviet bloc nations
C. A way through which eastern bloc nations could facilitate reform
D. None of the above

244. Which of the following led to the seemingly quick collapse of the USSR?
A. Increasing dissent from the Polish union Solidarity
B. Gorbachev’s abandonment of the Brezhnev doctrine
C. Failed attempts of Eastern European leaders to stem the tide of revolution in 1989 by installing new personnel
D. All of the above

245. Why did Gorbachev abandon the Brezhnev doctrine?
A. He thought that the suppression of Eastern Europe would be inconsistent with his domestic reforms
B. His credibility at home was failing
C. He wished to end the division in Europe of the above
D. All of the above

246. What is Pax Americana?
A. An American missile
B. Peace through American power
C. Russian for ‘defeat America’
D. None of the above

247. What does Francis Fukuyama mean by ‘the end of history’?
A. The triumph of economic and political liberalism
B. Convergence between capitalism and socialism
C. End of ideology
D. All of the above

248. What does liberal optimism about the post-cold war era rest on?
A. That democracies do not go to war with one another
B. That institutions can overcome the logic of anarchy
C. That modern capitalism binds states closely together
D. All of the above

249. The 6th Joint Military Training Exercise “Ekuverin-VI” was held between which of the countries?
A. Pakistan and China
B. India and Maldives
C. USA and Israel
D. Russia and India

250. The largest island in Indian Ocean is:
A. Sri Lanka
B. Sumatra
C. Madagascar
D. None

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