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61. It is possible to date the rocks by comparing the amount of specific radioactive isotopes they contain. Which of the statement is correct in this respect?

A. Older sediment layers have equal amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones
B. Older sediment layers have less amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
C. Older sediment layers have greater amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
D. Older sediment layers did not have these radioactive isotopes

62. Sodium ions are “pumped” from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration in the nerve cells of humans. This process is an example of

A. Diffusion
B. Passive transport
C. Osmosis
D. Active transport

63. An unbroken series of species arranged in ancestors to descendent sequence with each later species having evolved from one that immediately preceded it is called?

A. Biome
B. Phyletic lineage
C. Community
D. Population

64. Proteins are made from amino acids by the process of ______________?

A. Hydrolysis
B. Pinocytosis
C. Dehydration synthesis
D. Active transport

65. Biological sciences have a set methodology and it is based on ?

A. Experimental inquiry
B. Esthetic preference
C. Philosophical ideas
D. Imaginations

66. Which is an organic compound found in most cells ?

A. Water
B. Glucose
C. Oxygen
D. Sodium chloride

67. A series of hypothesis supported by the results of many tests is called ?

A. Scientific law
B. Theory
C. Data
D. Deduction

68. Most cell membranes are composed principally of ?

A. DNA ad protein
B. Protein and Lipids
C. Protein and Chitin
D. Protein and RNA

69. The concept that various organisms dominated this planet during various geological time period and thus placing organisms in a time sequence came from the studies by ?

A. Environmental biologist
B. Paleontologist
C. Marine biologist
D. Social biologist

70. Normally, in the process of osmosis, the net flow of water molecules into or out of the cell depends upon differences in the ?

A. Concentration of water molecules inside and outside the cell
B. Concentration of enzymes on either side of the cell membrane
C. Rate of molecular motion on either side of the cell membrane
D. None of these


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