541. Which one of the following is most likely to occur in an animal during winter?
A. Activation of sweat glands
B. Dilation of skin blood vessels
C. Panting
D. Thermogenesis

542. In esterification OH comes from_______________?
A. Organic acid
B. Alcohol
C. Water
D. Sugar

543. How many carbon atoms are required to form a furan ring (ribofuranose)_____________?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 2

544. Sleep movements are a type of___________?
A. Turgor movements
B. Growth movements
C. Tactic movements
D. Paratonic movments

545. Keto group is represented as___________?

546. The type of learning in which there is loss or decrease in response to repeated stimuli?
A. Imprinting
B. Habituation
C. Latent learning
D. Insight learning

547. Glycolipids and glycoproteins have structural role in the ______________ matrix of animal and bacterial cell?
A. Extracellular
B. Intracellular
C. Both of these
D. Glucose

548. The cells present in testes and secrete testosterone are___________?
A. Sertoli cells
B. Germinal cell
C. Interstitial cells
D. Spermatocyte

549. In Cx(H2O)y x ranges from______________?
A. 1 to 3 thousand
B. 3 to many thousand
C. 3 to 5 thousand
D. 5 to 9 thousand

550. Exposure to low temperature stimulates plants to flower. This is called___________?
A. Photoperiodism
B. Thermotropism
C. Vernalisation
D. Thermoregulation


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