801. 80% of the food of sponges consists of__________?
A. Detrital organic particles
B. Zooplankton and small animals
C. Phytoplanktons
D. all of these

802. In sponges fertilization takes place in____________?
A. Ectoderm
B. Mesenchyme
C. Endoderm
D. Uterus

803. Which of the following are motile zooids in cnidarians?
A. Polyps
B. Medusae
C. Both of these
D. None of these

804. Mammals became dominant in__________?
A. Proterozoic era
B. Mesozoic era
C. Paleozoic era
D. Cenozoic era

805. Which of the following fishes contained lungs?
A. Lamprey
B. Perch
C. Plaice
D. Dipnoi

806. Notochord is present throughout life in___________?
A. Urochordates
B. Cephalochordates
C. Chordates
D. Vertebrates

807. Body is eel like in___________?
A. Cyclostomata
B. Chondrichthyes
C. Osteichthyes
D. None of these

808. Body is globular in_________?
A. Cake urchin
B. Sea Urchin
C. Sea cucumber
D. Brittle star

809. Second largest phylum of invertebrates is____________?
A. Porifera
B. Arthropoda
C. Mollusca
D. Chordata

810. Main blood vessel of arthropods usually:
A. Lies on dorsal side
B. Lies on ventral side
C. Lies on lateral side
D. Is not present


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