911. Cell membrane under resting conditions is impermeable to all the ions except_____________?
A. Na+
B. K+
C. Cl-
D. PO4-2

912. Grave’s disease is produced due to____________?
A. Undersecretion of thyroxin
B. Overproduction of thyroxin
C. Undersecretion of corticosteroids
D. Overproduction of corticosteroids

913. MSH is produced from___________?
A. Anterior pituitary
B. Median pituitary
C. Posterior pituitary
D. None of these

914. At the induction of action potential opening of Na+ gate with influx of Na+ is a ___________ processes?
A. Active transport
B. Passive transport
C. Diffusion
D. none of these

915. Acromegaly is caused due to over secretion of____________?
D. Thyroxin

916. Insulin and glucagon’s are __________ in nature.
A. Protein
B. Amino acid derivative
C. Polypeptide
D. Steroid

917. Normal resting membrane potential of a neuron is_____________?
A. – 50 mv
B. – 60 mv
C. – 70 mv
D. – 80 mv

918. Insufficient secretion of iodothyroxine in adults causes____________?
A. Myxedema
B. Cretinism
C. Goiter
D. Exopthalmic goiter

919. Normal action potential of a neuronal cell is ___________?
A. plus 50 mv
B. plus 60 mv
C. plus 70 mv
D. plus 80 mv

920. Number of pairs of cranial nerves is__________?
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13


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