171. The chief component of the cell wall of the majority of fungi is
(A) pectin
(B) chitin
(C) lignin
(D) cellulose


172. After pollination the pollens are transferred to which part of the flower
(A) ovary
(B) style
(C) stigma
(D) none of these

173. Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for
(A) glyoxylate cycle
(B) glycolate cycle
(C) Calvin cycle
(D) none of these

174. Vacuoles serve to
(A) expand the plant cells
(B) sites for storage
(C) both in expansion and storage
(D) non-specific function

175.  An isolated virus is not considered living since it

(A) separate into two parts
(B) cannot metabolize
(C) rapidly looses its genome
(D) all of these


176. The predominant phycobilin pigment in cyanobacteria which is of blue colour is
(A) phycoerythrin
(B) phycocyanin
(C) fucocyanin
(D) fucoxanthin


177. Deafness is caused by misuse of
(A) penicillin
(B) tetracycline
(C) paracetamol
(D) streptomycin

178.  Cell envelope does not include
(A) capsule
(B) slime layer
(C) cell wall
(D) cell membrane

179. Coenocytes is a fungal body which is
(A) multi-nucleate aseptate
(B) multi-nucleate septate
(C) uni-nucleate septate
(D) uni-nucleate aseptate

180. Bryophytes are
(A) all heterosporous
(B) all homosporous
(C) mostly homosporus
(D) none of these


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