581. Allium cepa is the scientific name of______________?
A. Onion
B. Amaltas
C. Potato
D. Tomato

582. Which of the following category is most general with its members lest resembling with each other than the other categries_____________?
A. Species
B. Genus
C. Family
D. Order

583. The first eukarotes appeared about __________ years ago?
A. 1.5 billion
B. 2.5 billion
C. 3.5 billion
D. 4.5 billion

584. Those organisms which can prepare their own food from simple inorganic material and can store energy are called___________?
A. Autotrophs
B. Heterotrophs
C. Procariotique
D. Eu-cariotique

585. Solanum tuberosum is a scientific name of___________?
A. Onion
B. Amaltas
C. Potato
D. Tomato

586. The structure which has been formed or modified from gill pouches in humans is___________?
A. Gills
B. Eustachian tube
C. Middle ear
D. Lungs

587. Scurvy and beri – beri and caused by the deficiency of___________?
A. Vitamin B and C
B. Vitamin B and D
C. Vitamin C and B
D. Vitamin A and B

588. The word which E-Chatton suggested for bacteria and blue green algae was_____________?
A. Autotrophs
B. Heterotrophs
C. Pro-cariotique
D. Eu-cariotique

589. The greatest diversity of animals in the lake is found in which one of the following zones?
A. Limmnetic zone
B. Littoral zone
C. Profundal zone
D. None of these

590. So far over _____________ number of species of animals are known?
A. million
B. 1 million
C. 1
D. 2 million


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