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971. Which search method takes less memory?
A. Depth-First Search
B. Breadth-First search
C. Optimal search
D. Linear Search

972. A heuristic is a way of trying __________
A. To discover something or an idea embedded in a program
B. To search and measure how far a node in a search tree seems to be from a goal
C. To compare two nodes in a search tree to see if one is better than the other is
D. All of the mentioned

973. How do you represent “All dogs have tails”?
A. ۷x: dog(x) àhastail(x)
B. ۷x: dog(x) àhastail(y)
C. ۷x: dog(y) àhastail(x)
D. ۷x: dog(x) àhasàtail(x)

974. Which is not a property of representation of knowledge?
A. Representational Verification
B. Representational Adequacy
C. Inferential Adequacy
D. Inferential Efficiency

975. When did the rise of Median Empire occur?
A. 745 BC
B. 722 BC
C. 750 BC
D. 728 BC

976. When was Nineveh destructed?
A. 612 BC
B. 600 BC
C. 599 BC
D. 563 BC

977. When did sixteen Maha Janapadas emerge?
A. 600 BC
B. 599 BC
C. 563 BC
D. 551 BC

978. Who was the founder of Buddhism?
A. Ananda
B. Devadatta
C. Mahakasyapa
D. Siddhartha Gautama

979. Who founded the Achaemenid Empire?
A. Alexander the Great
B. Cambyses II
C. Cyrus the Great
D. Darius I

980. When did Magadha empire riseas the dominant power?
A. 546 BC
B. 544 BC
C. 539 BC
D. 529 BC