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1271.Who defined the “Long Nineteenth Century”?

A. Benedict Anderson
B. Ernest Gallner
C. Eric Hobsbawm *
D. Karl Marx

1272.Who brought the education available in the monasteries of Northumbria?

A. Alcuin *
B. Bede
C. Einhard
D. Rabanus Maurus

1273.Who was known as the Morning star of Renaissance

A. Montesquieu
B. Dante
C. Shakespeare
D. Geoffrey Chaucer *

1274.The National Emblem of Italy is

A. Eagle
B. White Eagle
C. White Lily *
D. Lily

1275.When did Abyssinian crisis end?

A. 1935
B. 1936
C. 1937 *
D. 1939

1276.When was Byzantines recaptured?

A. 1204
B. 1261 *
C. 1291
D. 1225

1277.Which philosopher said about the Holy Roman Empire that “it is neither Holy nor Roman nor Empire”

A. Voltaire *
B. Montesquieu
C. Diderot
D. Rousseau

1278.Who was the second President of America

A. Thomas Jefferson
B. Andrew Jackson
C. Abraham Lincoln
D. John Adams *

1279.The Wailing wall is situated in

A. Berlin
B. Beijing
C. Jerusalem *
D. Tel Aviv

1280.When was the kingdom between the Rhine and Rhone rivers created?

A. 843 *
B. 864
C. 876
D. 877