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291. Which Mountain’s volcano buried Pompeii city with ash in 79 AD
A. Mount Pelee
B. Mount Tambora
C. Mount Etna
D. Mount Vesuvius

292. Who was a founder member of the Russian Populist Movement “Anarchism”?
A. Mikhail Bakunin
B. Gorkhy
C. Leo Tolstoy
D. Turganew

293. Fascism believes in the application of the principle of
A. Dictatorship
B. Democracy
C. Utilitarianism
D. Totalitarianism

294. Who proclaimed the First Crusade?
A. Alexios I Komnenos
B. Peter the Hermit
C. Pope Gregory VII
D. Pope Urban II

295. Which one was the capital city of Byzantine Empire
A. Venice
B. Rome
C. Vienna
D. Constantinople

296. On which theatre house, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
A. Senator Theater
B. Ford’s Theatre
C. Oscar Theater
D. Gold Theater

297. Alexander sent back home a portion of his army under an admiral called ____
A. Ptolemy
B. Nearchos
C. Menander
D. Porus

298. What was the reason for Franks rapid rise in western Europe?
A. Clovis’s conversion to Roman Christianity
B. Clovis’s conversion to Arian Christianity
C. Clovis’s alliance with the Islamic world
D. Clovis’s defeat of the Muslims at the Battle of Tours

299. Frederick the Great was the king of
A. France
B. Italy
C. Britain
D. Russia

300. Who is the second Great Khan of the Mongol Empire
A. Guyuk Khan
B. Ogedei Khan
C. Kublai Khan
D. Mongke Khan