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1241.Which one was the last city founded in the Russian Empire
A. Arkhangelsk
B. Vologda
C. Veliky Novgorod
D. Murmansk

1242.Who founded the city of Singapore?
A. Francis Light
B. Herman Willem Daendels
C. Lee Kuan Yew
D. Stamford Raffles

1243.In which year Francis II, founded the Empire of Austria
A. 1804
B. 1809
C. 1820
D. 1822

1244.Who is known as the founder of the Durrani Empire
A. Timur Shah Durrani
B. Zaman Shah Durrani
C. Mahmud Shah Durrani
D. Ahmad Shah Durrani

 1245.Which one is the first dynasty that ruled China
A. Shang dynasty
B. Xia dynasty
C. Qin dynasty
D. Ming dynasty

1246.Who was the first Tudor monarch of England
A. Elizabeth I
B. Mary I
C. Henry VII
D. Edward VI

1247.In which year, the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg
A. 1905
B. 1910
C. 1911
D. 1912

 1248.Who was the first chairman of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
A. Mao Zedong
B. Liu Shaoqi
C. Hua Guofeng
D. Hu Yaobang

 1249.Absolute sovereign power of the Monarch was advocated by
A. Thomas Hobbes
B. Rousseau
C. John Locke
D. Karl Marx

1250.Which one is the last of the ruling Chinese dynasties
A. Zhou Dynasty
B. Shang Dynasty
C. Han Dynasty
D. Qing Dynasty