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 1251.Which of the following group of thinkers influenced Fascism?
A. Plato Machiavelli and Herbet Spencer
B. Aristotle St Augustine and T.H Green
C. Kant Fichte Hegel and Rosenberg
D. Karl Marx Engels and Lenin

 1252.Napoleon-I and the Duke of Wellington fought the famous
A. Battle of Austerlitz
B. Battle of Leipzig
C. Battle of Borodino
D. Battle of Waterloo

1253.Who was the king during the french revolution
A. Napoleon
B. Louis XV
C. Louis XVI
D. Charles IX

1254.Taoism, is an ancient tradition of Philosophy and religious belief deeply rooted in
A. Taiwanese custom and world view
B. Chinese custom and world view
C. Japanese custom and world view
D. Vietnamese custom and world view

 1255.Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to which dynasty
A. Stuart
B. York
C. Tudor
D. Normandy

1256.With the fall of which among the following the French Revolution began?
A. Bastille
B. Communes
C. Jacobin Club
D. Pilinitz

1257.When did the Space Age bring the first human spaceflight?
A. 1961
B. 1970
C. 1975
D. 1980

1258.Who speaks of Cabinet system as “the steering wheel of the ship of state”?
A. Lowell
B. Muin
C. Marriot
D. Bagehot

1259.Synagogue is the place of worship of
A. Zorastrianism
B. Taoism
C. Judaism
D. Shintoism

1260.From which European country did Belgium gain independence in 1830
A. Italy
B. England
C. Portugal
D. Netherlands