451. The “Last Supper”, a famous renaissance painting was a masterpiece of:
A. Michealangelo
B.Leonardo daVinci
C. Tiziano Veillio Titian
D. Raffaello Santi Raphael

452. With which the term Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is associated?
A. French Revolution
B. Russian Revolution
C. Olympic Games
D. Industrial Revolution

453. The author of the American Declaration of Independence was:
A. Thomas Jefferson
B. Thomas Paine
C. Marquis de Lafayttee
D. George Washington

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The Industrial Revolution first took place in:
A. France
B. England
C. America
D. Germany

455. “Guernica”, the world’s famous painting, was painted by:
A. Pablo Picasso
B. Van Gogh
C. Michealangelo
D. Leonardo da Vinci

456. The author of the “New Deal” was:
A. President Roosevelt
B. President Wilson
C. President John Kennedy
D. President George Washington

457. The book “Social Contract” was written by:
A. T. H. Green
B. Roseau
C. Plato
D. Karl Marx
Answer: b

458. The Renaissance astronomer who explained how planets moved around the sun was:
A. Francis Bacon
B. Francois Rabelais
C. Johannes Kepler
D. Marconi

459. The discovery of sea route from Europe to India was made by:
A. Marco Polo
B. Vasco da Gama
C. Christopher Columbus
D. Ferdinand Magellan

460. Who raised the slogan “No taxation without representation”?
A. People of Russia
B. American colonies
C. Industrial workers of England
D. Workers of France

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