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1331. Who captured the Mughal throne, After Aurangzeb?

A. Bahadur Shah I
B. Shah Alam I
C. Azam Shah
D. All of the above *

1332. Ahmad shah abdali, The afghan rulers defeated the ________.

A. Mughals
B. Marathas *
C. Sikhs
D. None of these

1333. Queen vitoria’s proclamation ( 1858) was read out at a Durbar held by Lord canning at ______.

A. Allahabad *
B. Delhi
C. Bengal
D. None of these

1334. After the Mutiny in 1857, The british govenment raised the strenght of british native troops, which were ;

A. One third *
B. One fourth
C. One fifth
D. None of these

1335. Who is the ” father of western education systems in the subcontinent?

A. Macaulay *
B. Robert Olive
C. Lord william bentinck
D. Lord curzon

1336. During 1858-1912, The british indian empire capital was ________.

A. Calcutta *
B. New Delhi
C. Lahore
D. Bombay

1337. Who was the last vicceroys of india?

A. Lord Canning
B. Earl of Elgin
C. Sir Robert Napier
D. Mountbatten *

1338. Government of india Act 1919 introduced a system in which to distribute powers at the provincial level means ______.

A. Diarchy system *
B. Provincial autonomy
C. Local self-government
D. All of the above

1339. Third Battle of Panipat fought on January 14 1761 Between the :

A. Ahmad shah abdali and Maratha *
B. Ahmad shah abdali and sikh
C. Ahmad shah abdali and Mughal
D. None of these

1340. Sambhogakaya Means_____.

A. Universal knowledge
B. Adobe of Art
C. Bliss Body *
D. None of the above